Our Treatment Philosophy

Our Treatment Philosophy

Striving for perfection to achieve excellence

Dr. Sid Parker and Dr. Jeff Pennington are highly skilled, experienced dental professionals who constantly continue their education so that they may provide their patients with the best possible care. They aim for perfection in each and every procedure and have devoted their careers to helping people change their lives through improved oral health.

Comprehensive in-house services

Together, they have created a unique practice that offers an extensive range of treatment options in one location. In fact, Parker & Pennington Dentistry is one of only two percent of dental practices in the United States that can provide services to this extent.

Caring and compassionate dentistry

Our doctors take a genuine interest in their patients' wellbeing.

Our doctors take a genuine interest in their patients’ wellbeing.

Drs. Parker and Pennington are both known for their compassion and genuine interest in their patients needs and desires. They maintain an open dialogue with their patients in order to kepp them informed and answer all their questions.

Consistent quality

In keeping with their firm belief in providing excellent treatment for their patients, Drs. Parker and Pennington use only the best materials when fabricating restorations, making them both long lasting and aesthetic.

The doctors pay close attention to detail and provide accurate diagnoses to ensure that effective, individualized treatment is performed with a patient’s budget in mind.

A collaborative relationship

Our doctors collaborate with you on all decisions.

Our doctors collaborate with you on all decisions.

The doctors collaborate with their patients on all decisions, ensuring they are fully informed, so that they may maintain healthy teeth for life. Drs. Parker and Pennington focus on what is best for the patient, at the present time and for the future.

Evidence Based Dentistry

Evidence-based dentistry (EBD) is based on three important domains: the best available scientific evidence, a dentist’s clinical skill and judgment, and each individual patient’s needs and preferences. Only when all three are considered for each patient is EBD actually being practiced.

Our Treatment PhilosophyThe first domain, evidence, is there to inform dentists and patients, but never to mandate a specific course of treatment. In the diagram to the right, three circles (Evidence, Clinical Judgment, and Patient Needs and Preferences) are used to illustrate the EBD process as being in the center where the circles overlap.

EBD uses a systematic approach that includes a four-part series of questions with the acronym, PICO: (P) patient/problem, (I) intervention, (C) comparison and (O) outcomes.

Analyzing outcomes

Our Treatment PhilosophyDrs. Parker and Pennington evaluate cases based on three components of dental treatment: periodontal, biomechanical and aesthetic analyses.

Periodontal analysis is evaluation of the existing bone structure and potential for developing gum disease. Some of the factors that influence the predisposition for gum disease are chronic inflammatory diseases such as diabetes and habits such as smoking.

Biomechanical analysis is an evaluation of the tooth structure, past decay and/or erosion. When teeth are severely decayed, dental implants are often recommended to replace teeth that cannot be salvaged.

Aesthetic analysis is subjective, and your opinion will play a large part in the evaluation. Considerations include recessed gums, stained or crooked teeth, and how your teeth fit in proportion to your facial shape.

Your doctor will use these evaluations to provide treatment options, which he will discuss with you to determine a course of action that suits your needs and budget.

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