Delaying Dental Treatment Can Have Real Consequences

Did we recommend a needed treatment at your last appointment and you haven’t scheduled your appointment? We want to send a friendly reminder to schedule your appointment today! We know how easy it is for time to get away from you. Between busy schedules and summer excitement, the days can blend together, and before you know it, weeks and months have passed by. A recommended dental treatment can greatly improve your oral health and eliminate further problems and expenses. The longer treatment is delayed, the more potential damage you are doing to your mouth. Read on to learn more about the importance of taking care of needed dental treatment in a timely fashion and the damage that you may be causing if you delay.

Don’t Let Problems Grow

We understand that it can be nerve-racking when you need dental treatment, especially if you have never needed any form of dental treatment before or if you are nervous coming to our office. It seems like it might be easier to delay the inevitable and postpone treatment. Unfortunately, dental issues do not improve on their own. In fact, when treatment is delayed dental problems continue to grow adding to both the length and type of treatment needed as well as the expense. The longer that dental treatment is delayed can also begin to have an effect on your overall health. There is a link between oral health and common medical issues such as heart disease.

Be Honest With Us

We know that there are a number of reasons that can lead a patient to delay treatment. We truly care about your overall health and wellness. If you are concerned about the cost of treatment or you are nervous about what needs to be done, please call and speak with our staff. We can help work through whatever issues or concerns you may have to help you feel more comfortable with receiving treatment. We understand that many of our patients have busy summer schedules or may be nervous about treatment. However, we hope that after reading this you are motivated to call and schedule an appointment today in our Jacksonville Beach, FL office. Your mouth and your wallet will thank you! We look forward to seeing you soon and we hope you have a happy and healthy summer.