New Patient Exam

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Initial Consultation

After being greeted and given a tour, you’ll be shown to a consultation room where a member of our friendly administrative team will sit with you and listen to your needs and goals. You’ll then be introduced to the doctor and assistant who will provide your treatment; they’ll be informed of your requests and will ask any additional questions they may have.

Comprehensive Oral Exam

One of our doctors will give you comprehensive oral examinations to accurately diagnosis any problems with your teeth and gums. Prior to the examination, the doctor will thoroughly review the forms you filled out so they have a complete overview of your dental history.

We’ll do a functional exam to evaluate your occlusion (bite), how the upper and lower teeth meet when chewing or at rest. We’ll also examine the jaw joints for pain or tenderness and listen for clicking, popping, or grating sounds.
During your cosmetic exam, we will look carefully at how your teeth fit in your face, their size, shape, condition, position, and check lip and gum dynamics. We’ll also ask if you have any concerns about your smile that you’d like to address now or in the future.
As part of your structural exam, we’ll check for signs of decay, pitting on the biting surfaces of your teeth and grooves or notches near your gum line. We also check for gaps between your teeth where food may get trapped and lead to decay or gum disease.
During the periodontal exam, we’ll look for signs of gum disease by gently probing between your teeth and gums to check the depths of the “pockets.” Deep pockets are indicators of gum disease, which should be treated immediately.
When needed, we’ll use digital x-ray, external digital photography, and intraoral photography to assess your needs and determine any areas of your mouth that may require treatment.

Discover the Difference for Yourself

We work with you to have a complete understanding of your needs, so we take
plenty of time to study your case. If you are interested in correcting your dental
issues, we’ll ask you to come back in for a treatment discussion for further
exploration of options available for you, and the estimated costs of each.