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Purchasing traditional dentures is a gamble. If you wear them for a few days and don’t like how they fit or feel, you’re stuck with them anyway. We take the risk out of the equation by allowing you to test drive a trial set of your dentures. If you find anything you want changed, we’ll change it for you in the final product. Plus, you can keep your trial pair to use as spares.

Our custom dentures can be made with porcelain teeth which wear very slowly. While this method is more expensive up front, most patients wear these dentures for many years with increased comfort and satisfaction. That adds up to a great cost savings over time and allow patients to enjoy a better quality of life!

What You Can Expect

Complete a Full

Our doctors analyze your facial features and take measurements of your teeth to determine how prosthetic teeth should be placed in the denture base plate for comfortable fit, best function and most natural appearance. We also use photographic references and to adjust appearance and balance for proper fit and function.

Functional Impressions
for a Perfect Fit

Our doctors will also use an impression of your mouth to create a diagnostic denture. This allows us to see any problems and adjust your denture to eliminate areas that may cause irritation, thereby ensuring a comfortably secure fit. The diagnostic denture is worn for several months while we fine-tune the fit to perfection prior to fabricating the final denture.

Lifelike Aesthetics
Built for You

Our doctors work with the world-class Master Dental Prosthetics lab to fabricate your restorations. We have a direct relationship with technicians at the lab and value the experience and artistry they use to create dentures that look natural.

Real Patients, Real Results

Types of Dentures We Offer

While fully removable prosthetics (dentures) aren’t the ideal option in dentistry when compared to fixed bridgework, they can be a viable option for restoring appearances and function after complete tooth loss. For patients without sufficient bone to support implants, or those who don’t want to undergo surgery, removable dentures can provide an affordable alternative.
Digital dentures are the most convenient denture option. Everything is done digitally. No messy impressions. We simply take digital pictures of the inside of your mouth, combine them with any snapshots you provide of how your teeth used to look, and we can make a set of high-quality, natural-looking dentures just for you.

Replacing Digital Dentures is simple too. Since all information we need to make your dentures is stored digitally, just call us, and we can get a replacement pair to you in just a few days.

Immediate, or transitional, dentures can be fabricated before extracting teeth and placed immediately after extraction. They provide protection for the tooth sockets during the healing process and ensure you are never without teeth.
Metal bars that retain partial dentures can be unattractive and keep you from feeling comfortable with your smile. Partial dentures with translucent plastic bars are a much more aesthetically pleasing option.
For denture stabilization, our doctors can take your existing dentures and retrofit them to snap onto dental implants.
With removable implant-supported dentures, you’ll be able to immediately snap your dentures in and enjoy an improved eating experience!

Fixed implant-supported dentures stay in the mouth unless removed by the dentist. The more implants used, the greater the stability and chewing power. With enough implants, you will have functioning teeth in the same day.

Our doctors can modify your existing dentures to provide a more cost-effective option, and a more comfortable fit.

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