Options for Missing Teeth

With advancements in dental technology, replacing missing teeth can be done with a variety of minimally invasive procedures. Each option provides you with attractive and stable new teeth.

Your Choices for Missing Teeth

Replacing a Single Tooth

If you just have one tooth that needs replacing, Dental professionals agree that the best option is a dental implant. They are stable and long-lasting, and they look, feel and function like natural teeth. However, if you’re not ready to go forward with a dental implant, we do offer other solutions,  such as a bridges or partial dentures.

Replacing Multiple Teeth

If you’re missing multiple teeth, each missing tooth could be replaced with a dental implant. However, if you have quite a few teeth missing, the cost can add up. In this case, an alternative is to use a dental bridge that uses implants to support one or more of the porcelain “teeth.” A dental bridge supported by implants is a fixed (non-removable) restoration and acts and feels like natural teeth.

Replacing All Your Teeth

If you need to replace all your teeth, our doctors will evaluate your individual case and work with you to choose the best option for replacing your teeth, keeping your budget in mind.

In some cases, temporary restorations can be worn for a few years to spread out costs, help you become accustomed to implant-supported restorations, or to allow for fine-tuning that perfects your restoration.


Our dentures look quite natural and, when necessary, can be designed with a corrected bite and tooth length to help fill out the lower portion of your face.

Implant-Supported Dentures

With implant-supported dentures, your custom dentures are attached to a series of dental implants, which are placed strategically within your jawbone. This provides more stability, allows for increased ability to chew, eliminates any potential slippage, and provides stimulus for bone regeneration.

Denture Stabilization

Denture stabilization requires a minimum of two dental implants per arch, although more implants equals increased stability and more lifelike function. We can also retrofit your existing dentures to snap on to the implants.

New Teeth in One Day

New Teeth in One Day is a technique using four implant posts to support a single arch. With this procedure, bone grafting isn’t always necessary, which means less expensive and faster results. As with any implant-supported restoration, bone loss is minimized and chewing ability is greatly increased.

Fixed Implant Bridges

Implant-supported bridges are flexible, stable and mimic natural teeth as closely as possible. A series of implant-supported bridges can be used to replace all teeth, with six to eight implants on the top arch and five on the bottom arch. They are the best option for replacing multiple missing teeth.

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