Dental Bridges

If you’re missing a tooth or teeth, you don’t have to live in discomfort. Our doctors have a great deal of experience with providing solutions for missing teeth. We also use transitional dental bridges for children who are missing a tooth, but are too young to receive dental implants.

What are dental bridges?

A dental bridge is a restoration used to replace a missing tooth, or teeth. It is comprised of a series of artificial teeth that are secured to the teeth adjacent to the missing tooth.

Our Process

Schedule a Free Consultation

If you are missing a tooth, or teeth, please schedule an appointment with our doctors to learn about your options for tooth replacement.

Discuss Treatment Options

Depending on your unique circumstances, either dental bridges or dental implants may be right for you. During your consultation, we’ll go over all available options to determine the right treatment for you.

Repair Your Teeth

Once the right treatment is determined, we’ll work with you to repair the damage and restore your smile.

Schedule a Free Consultation

If you are interested in repairing your smile, stop by for a free consultation to learn more about your options.