Teeth Whitening

You deserve a smile that makes you look good and feel good. A brighter, whiter smile can help boost your confidence when greeting others. If you’re embarrassed by stains or discoloration, professional whitening can help restore your smile and confidence.

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What is professional teeth whitening?

Your local supermarket or drugstore probably carries over-the-counter teeth whiteners, but these bleaching options are not as strong as professional solutions and cannot penetrate as deeply into the enamel to break apart stubborn stains. We offer at home whitening to achieve your desired effect.

Our Approach

If at-home treatment is right for you, we offer two systems to fit your specific needs. Opalescence® is take-home gel whitening system, with trays worn for as little as 30 minutes per day. SPRAYWHITE 90® is a fast and effective at-home whitening method eliminates the need for trays or strips and is clinically proven to whiten teeth several shades in one 90-second application.

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