One-Visit Root Canal Therapy

The prospect of a root canal can feel nerve-wracking, but we work to make the procedure as quick and painless as possible through painless anesthetization and one-visit treatment.

Signs You Need a Root Canal

  • White pimple or abscess in the gum near the tooth
  • Redness and swelling around the gum line
  • Tenderness and/or at the base of the root
  • Pain when biting or in response to heat or cold
  • Spontaneous pain for no apparent reason

Our Process for Root Canals

Minimize Pain

Your doctor will begin treatment by painlessly anesthetizing the area around the damaged tooth.

Gently Clean and Fill

Your doctor will then gently and thoroughly clean out the inside of the root canal and fill it with a natural polymer.

Protect Tooth as Needed

After root canal therapy has been completed, your doctor may place a crown over the tooth for protection.

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