Patient Testimonials

Bryan’s experience has been nothing but positive for all his dental treatments, from getting dental implants, to tooth-colored fillings and porcelain crowns.

“In late 2010, after my wife and I quit smoking together and began trying to embrace a healthier lifestyle, we both agreed that I had been ignoring my dental health for far too long. Between smoking, poor home care, and a strong fear of dentists, my mouth was in pretty bad shape, and was beginning to give me pain.

“I was referred to Parker & Pennington by Dr. James Cherry, who performed dental surgery to place three implant screws and remove two wisdom teeth. He referred me to them because, in his words, ‘If you are going to have the work done, you should get it done right, and they do beautiful work.

“To that point, three things had kept me from going to the dentist: the fear of unknown expense, the fear that I would be judged for having let my dental health go, and the fear of the pain I associated with having any dental work done, forget multiple fillings and porcelain crowns.

“Parker & Pennington’s patient care advocate/evangelist took care of my first fear — she explained each procedure, the costs and helped me schedule the procedures so they made as light an impact on my healthcare budget as possible.

“On the issue of pain — I’ve had multiple fillings, crowns, polishes and various other procedures, and I can honestly say that I’ve felt more from ice cream headaches than anything Dr. Pennington has done for me. The man is an artist, and the only dentist I’ve had who can administer a needle without me noticing it happening.

“The experience I’ve had with Dr. Pennington and his entire staff has been uniformly positive from the first day. I show my teeth now when I smile, and I can honestly say that I look forward to going and seeing them twice a year.”


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After his new veneers, Kyle can’t stop smiling.

“I can’t remember the last time I ‘Smiled.’ In fact, I am 29 years old and I have no recollection of smiling. I’ve made a conscious effort to not smile because of my teeth. It bothered me more than anything, and I didn’t think it would even be possible to do anything about my smile without dentures or some other extreme measure. Finally, after having countless social events to attend, I decided I would look into getting something done. Drs. Parker and Pennington came up in one of my search results and their office was highly recommended by their patient reviews.

“My first consultation was amazing, even before I ever made it to the Doctor’s chair. The staff was outstanding, professional – customer service at its best. Dr. Pennington consulted me on my options and was as excited as I was about my interest in cosmetic dentistry. He was eager to help me and said ‘we can do this!’ It was the first time a conversation with a dentist about my teeth ever ended with me having an option other than dentures, braces or an extreme procedure. Veneers were my option and they were priced well. It was a quick process with very few appointments.

“I couldn’t believe it. Just a few appointments later and I can`t stop smiling! Speaking with people feels so much better now that I`m no longer self-conscious about my teeth. I can’t believe people take smiling for granted. It’s something I’ve never been able to do and Dr. Parker and Dr. Pennington gave me my smile at nearly 30 years old. I wish I could have found them sooner. Other dentist discouraged me and gave me no realistic options. Drs. Parker and Pennington were just as excited as I was and treated me as if it were their teeth. Countless times throughout out my procedure they were so excited, I wasn’t sure if I was getting the new teeth or they were.

“I’m active duty in the military and after my procedure was complete I had to also be ‘checked out’ by the military dentist. Several dentists were called in to see my teeth and they could not believe I had veneers. They thought they had the wrong dental records for me. That was one of the defining moments for me. I can’t express my gratitude for what was given to me. I have so many smiles to make up for and have never felt better. Don’t wait any longer. Drs. Parker and Pennington can do for you what they did for me, give me the smile I wasn’t born with.”


Dental implants have helped many of our patients return their mouths and smiles to full health, function, and beauty.

“Drs. Sid Parker and Jeff Pennington have been my dentists for more than 10 years. I had terrible teeth, unhealthy gums, sagging sinuses and deteriorated bone. It would take some time to achieve a healthy mouth filled with dental implants.

While most patients have a file documenting their dental history, I have a box of history containing everything from temporary devices used between surgeries, to later repairs, to adjustments correcting an extra powerful ability to gnash very hard. One time, I broke a titanium plate.

Prior to becoming a Parker/ Pennington patient, I was afraid of the dentist and was poorly treated by more than one in the military and in the community later. I feel at home in either the St Marys or Jacksonville Beach office. They make me feel like an old friend.

I should place an ad in the paper to tell others what they are missing. ‘Friendly, courteous service, a real concern for the patient’s well-being and a sincere interest in my satisfaction.’

Did I mention they know what they are doing? Both continue their education, often traveling hundreds of miles to exchange ideas with other experts in the dental surgery.

I must also add that having a great smile and great teeth changed my introverted life. Since the surgeries, I have been active in the community and at ease with speaking in front of groups. I attribute much of this turnaround to Sid and Jeff. The story stops here because I have not the words to express my gratitude for all these cousins have done to improve my life.”

— James

“My first visit to Dr. Pennington’s office was in December of 2012. I needed two teeth removed, a bone graft, and an implant placed. Dr. Pennington was amazing to say the least. The first thing I noticed is there was never a wait; I was always taken back right away.

“The front desk staff, Dee and Stephanie, was amazing as well. Stacy, Dr. Pennington’s assistant is very nice and always attentive. Dr. Pennington gave me a couple of options and let me make the choice according to these options. I was never pressured into making a decision that I really liked.

“When it came time to have the procedure done, Dr. Pennington and his staff made me feel very comfortable and I felt no pain at all. I want to say: ‘Thank you to Dr. Pennington and his staff.’ This is the best doctor’s office I can ever remember going to and even though I am not finished with the work yet, I am very pleased with the outcome so far.”

— Sherry

“Adjusting my bite has helped so much. That was so huge; I have no more discomfort! Wow, you can’t even tell they are implant teeth. It was worth the wait. I would do it all over again. Thank you for explaining everything so clearly to me!”

— L.W.

“Both my husband and I have been patients of Drs. Parker and Pennington for quite a while now, and have been extremely satisfied with the service and care we have received from their practice. We’ve had crowns, fillings, implants, overlays, cleanings, x-rays, and probably some other procedures done that I can’t recall, and all work was excellent, and as painless as possible.

“The doctors and staff go to great lengths to make you comfortable and to treat you like a cherished friend. The billing folks take care of filing insurance claims for you, and the receptionist calls with appointment reminders.

“The waiting room is never crowded – you don’t get the feeling that you’re part of a production line. Also, not only do the dentists take the time to educate you and discuss your treatment with you, they also listen to what you have to say. There are no surprises!

“This dental practice was recommended to me by a co-worker who was thrilled with the results of her dental work, and both of us recommend Parker and Pennington to anyone who asks us about our dentists. Simply put, these folks ARE the BEST. ”

“The front desk staff, Dee and Stephanie, was amazing as well. Stacy, Dr. Pennington’s assistant is very nice and always attentive. Dr. Pennington gave me a couple of options and let me make the choice according to these options. I was never pressured into making a decision that I really liked.

“When it came time to have the procedure done, Dr. Pennington and his staff made me feel very comfortable and I felt no pain at all. I want to say: ‘Thank you to Dr. Pennington and his staff.’ This is the best doctor’s office I can ever remember going to and even though I am not finished with the work yet, I am very pleased with the outcome so far.”

— Connie

Our patients enjoy a better quality of life with dentures that aren’t painful, don’t slip, and allow them to eat, speak, and smile with confidence.

“I came to this office in such pain due to poorly fitting dentures. The office staff was amazing. Meeting Dr. Parker and Stacy sold me on obtaining new dentures. I was a little skeptical about spending more money on a new set of dentures, but after two months of waiting and putting in the new dentures I could not be anymore thrilled.

My face and smile are back. Now about Stacy and Dr. Parker, I felt like I was at home with them. They are extremely wonderful people. I am coming back for implants due to the way Stacy and Dr. Parker handled the whole procedure. I felt like I was their only patient. I definitely recommend this office for all dental care.”

— Aggie

“I really love my new teeth. I can eat anything I want. My family took me to the Melting Pot for my birthday and it was so nice to be able to eat. Dr. Parker and Stacy did a great job. I love to smile now and my dentures feel like real teeth.”

— Alko

“CDR Val J. Jensen, my husband, returned from his second deployment to Iraq with the 13th Marine Expeditionary Unit (Special Operations Capable) in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. Shortly thereafter, we were told I was diagnosed with invasive breast cancer. After surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, and continued medication, I am now a six-year survivor. The side effects from the illness, treatment and complications may cause problems with the patient’s oral health such as infection, decay, abscesses and breakage. Those experiences happened to me.

“We were very pleased with the wonderful work Dr. Parker and Dr. Pennington did in my husband’s case. When we talked with Dr. Parker, he recommended that it would be best for my health to remove all remaining teeth and immediately replace them with dentures made by him. Dr. Diane Pennington performed the oral surgery that included four implants, and Dr. Parker came to her office to place the upper and lower dentures immediately after the extractions. Three weeks later, my husband and I are so pleased with my smile and the appearance of my new teeth! Everyone is amazed at the natural look. Thank you, Dr. Parker, for your expertise which has made such a positive difference.”

— Kate

“First of all, Dr. Parker tries not to be judgmental. He truly understands the genetics of patients and loves the challenges. He’s one of those rare dentists who don’t settle for 89% or even 98%. His standards lean towards your standards. He demands excellence from himself. I have felt like I have known him for a very long time.

“I have enjoyed his chair side demeanor, his wit, and sense of humor. His respect for you as a human, caring, and time has gone a long way. But, yet being professional. He seems to ‘steer’ away from the ‘cattle call’ waiting room theory. This tells me he values and respects you as patient.

“Patience is the key for ‘custom dentures.’ My adventure has been a great one. My family has seen me go from a ‘low’ to an all-time high. My biggest thrill is to ‘crunch’ loud to and irritate the grandchildren. No more sitting on the sideline. I look forward to each day. And when your husband tells you that you look ten years younger. Then you can only give the credit to Dr. Parker.”

— Carol

“I went to three different dental offices to have a lower denture made and could not eat with any of them until I found your office. Implants are a wonderful thing. You guys are great!”

— Bob

“My dentures fit great and I can eat anything I want and do not have any pain anymore. I also find that I am never sick anymore.”

— Doug

“Sorry I didn’t return your call. Too busy trying out my new choppers. Just wanted to say that I just cleaned an ear of corn-on-the-cob with high efficiency. Last week I ate an apple to the core without slicing it into pieces and beef jerky is no longer a challenge. I could not be happier with the work you guys have done, and you may use me as a reference to any patient considering a mouth full of dental implants.

“You can be very proud of your craftsmanship, and I will be happy to tell any prospective patient of yours that the time investment is well worth the wait. Absolutely no one can tell I have new dental work before I tell them, often days later. Would you believe a woman was making a pitch for teeth whitening to me at a fall festival? When I showed them to her and told her they weren’t real she acted like she didn’t believe me. She said they looked great, and it only looked like I must have worn braces when I was younger. Thank you Jeff, Tom, Sid and the Atlanta gent in the lab. I owe you more than I can ever repay.

— Jim K.

“I love my new set of dentures. They are very pretty. I eat better and feel much better about myself, so thank you again.”

— Evelyn

“I am so grateful that I came under your treatment and care after so many years – about twenty – of going from one dentist to another, to another, and to another, and another right here in Jacksonville. During this time, newly installed partials kept breaking, and false teeth could not be fitted for eating without excruciating pain. I lost weight, from about 137 lbs. down to about 118 lbs. I really could not eat a nourishing meal, and, in addition, during this period of anguish and expense, I was affected socially in that I became the object of conversation as I sat at the dining table drinking a glass of milk while others carried on eating their meals.

“I sincerely want you to know that I, no doubt one of many, feel that I cannot thank you enough for your caring and know-how in the design, installation, and caring for the prosthesis fitted to implant bolts in both jaws. I cannot say enough about your staff as well; they inspire confidence by knowing exactly what to do at any moment during my visit. I am back to eating normally and have gained back my weight. Please extend my gratitude to your staff for jobs well done consistently over the years in the highest professional manner. Thanks, Doc.

— E.R.

“With my new dentures, I am able to chew my food as well as a food blender. My old dentures would just mash my food together and I would swallow my food in big chunks. I can speak so much better! I can now pronounce words that were quite difficult for me such as –philanthropy, successful, normally, and many others words I can’t recall at the moment. I can now move my tongue and my jaw in any position, and I am not concerned about my lower dentures flipping up.

“I wish there was someone like Dr. Parker around when I had all my teeth extracted 50 years ago. I am sure it would not have been so traumatic! I love the way my lower dentures feel in my mouth. They fit so well, and I feel like they are my natural teeth.”

— Vera

“My experience with all the work I have had done including the implants and veneers has been phenomenal. Having all the work done has made a difference in how I look at myself as well as how others look at me. I feel very confident!”

— N.H.

“In the past, my younger daughter has previously been terrified of having any one clean her teeth, but after her first office visit at Parker and Pennington Dentistry she remains very positive, her fear and anxiety has been released from her just by having your staff talk to her as a real person and explaining what is happening.

“It feels like one of those commercials:
$5 for candy
$20 for Parking
Watching your child’s expressions while she’s in the Dental Chair: Priceless. I’ve never seen her more happy as she say’s ‘This is the only dentist I ever want to go to. Thank you.”

— M.C

“Sid, I can’t thank you enough for all the time and energy you’ve spent on making my mouth perfect. You are such a great professional and have mastered your craft to such a high level. I feel so fortunate to have you for a dentist and for such a caring friend. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for doing such an incredibly great job.”

— Nancy

“I have never been to a dentist office like this one, and I have been to a lot. Everyone there goes out of the way to make you feel important and at home! They even follow up to check on how you are doing the day after.

“I would HIGHLY recommend Dr. Pennington to anyone, if you want the best care possible. I have always been scared of going to the dentist but not anymore, as long as I go to them. The travel there (not in my town) is worth it! Thank you Dr. Pennington and staff for the great service!”

— Barbie

“You made me like my smile again! I can’t thank you enough. It’s all in the details, and Dr. Pennington really keys in on those. He looked at everything and made small tweaks that make a HUGE difference in how natural my teeth look. I didn’t realize how much that space bothered me. Now, I love everything about my smile. I don’t love going to the dentist, but I LOVE coming here, because I know what it gets me. I won’t go anywhere else.”

— S.M.

“I was very pleased with Dr. Parker and his sweet assistant. He was very caring. He cared about me and about my feelings. His new name is ‘Dr. Precious.’ I will most definitely be back. He has very gentle hands. I am a big baby, and he made me feel at home. So thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

— Jackie

“I am a Personal Financial Analyst. I help a lot of people develop living and financial estates. These are some of the most significant investments you will ever make. Next is your ‘personal estate.’ It begins with you and ends with your smile. It remains true that you get one chance to make a first impression. We’re not talking about laughing; it’s actually about your smile. If you don’t smile as much as you like, chances are you are not happy with your smile.

“Parker and Pennington Dentistry can fix that, and they are the best at doing it. At this point in your life, isn’t’ it about time you invested in your smile? I can tell you I did, and I am thrilled with the results. Ask Sid Parker or Jeff Pennington to show what they can do for you. You really won’t ever stop smiling. Go ahead. Discover the New You.”

— Gerry

“Everything at Parker and Pennington is terrific. Just keep up the great job! Since coming to Parker and Pennington I have had my mouth under control.”

— Chuck