“As a brass musician, I was very concerned about changing my smile. After twenty years of playing the French horn, my smile had become crooked and uneven. I saw a brochure about Invisalign in my dentist’s office, and I asked about it. It seemed like a great solution because I could still play instrument, and without intrusive metal.

“Plus, I only need treatment for seven months. This has been a wonderful experience. My jaw pain has receded. I love my dentists! They are caring, kind, efficient and thorough.

“I love the personal attention I receive. I get follow-up phone calls after treatments, emailed reminders about appointments, and I have never had to wait longer than five minutes to be seen. The office staff is wonderful and professional.

“I have been a patient since I was a teenager. Two generations of my family go to the practice, and the third one is on the way!”