“Everyone at the practice is not only professional, but also extremely patient-focused. I encourage all my friends and family to experience the best dentistry in town.”


“I have had a gap in my front teeth my whole life, and have never been comfortable smiling. I have been self-conscious of my smile since I was a teenager and never wanted to be in any family photos. I shared this with my sister, and she was not aware after all these years. I can finally smile without my hand over my mouth, and I am in love with what I see in pictures now. My teeth now look great, and I am happy with my smile, so I do it more. I wish I had done had this work done years ago. I am very pleased.”


“The practice and everyone that works there are extremely professional, caring people who strive to do their best and to be the best. I logged many hours in the dentist’s chair, and the staff made every effort to keep me comfortable and entertained.

Dr. Parker’s strive for perfection in his work means a lot to me. He is very respectful of his patients and staff, which reflects well on the success of the practice, I have recommended Drs. Parker and Pennington many times, with full confidence, and will continue to do so.”


“The entire staff is very professional. Dr. Pennington (assisted by Danni) did my surgery, and it went very well. The extractions were quick and I didn’t experience any discomfort. When they fitted my mouth for the new prosthetics, they took their time, making sure the fit was perfect, and I do mean perfect.

The entire staff is always upbeat and happy, and also cater to your needs. The experience made me have faith in dentistry again.”


“The office staff and clinicians are very professional and treat you family. I had major work done, and it felt like I was never even there. I was in and out with no pain and completed corrective work. They are accommodating. I even pay out of pocket because I don’t want to go anywhere else for dental work.”