“As a brass musician, I was very concerned about changing my smile. After twenty years of playing the French horn, my smile had become crooked and uneven. I saw a brochure about Invisalign in my dentist’s office, and I asked about it. It seemed like a great solution because I could still play instrument, and without intrusive metal.

“Plus, I only need treatment for seven months. This has been a wonderful experience. My jaw pain has receded. I love my dentists! They are caring, kind, efficient and thorough.

“I love the personal attention I receive. I get follow-up phone calls after treatments, emailed reminders about appointments, and I have never had to wait longer than five minutes to be seen. The office staff is wonderful and professional.

“I have been a patient since I was a teenager. Two generations of my family go to the practice, and the third one is on the way!”


“After debating about getting braces for many years, seeing the results firsthand on a friend made me decide to move forward. When I met the staff at Parker & Pennington, I felt completely comfortable. The treatment was simple and straightforward with hardly any inconvenience. Everyone was helpful, friendly and easy to talk to. The practice runs efficiently, which is a huge benefit. I have been thrilled with the results of the treatment, and am happy I finally made the decision to do it. ”


“The treatment I received was a two and a half year process that included oral surgery and dental implants. Sid was upfront about everything, from the cost to the pain involved.

“Since I suffer from a hereditary tooth disease, I am very familiar with dentists. Without exception, the practice of Parker & Pennington is the best experience I’ve had when compared to not less than ten practices which I have been involved with.

“Their expertise is unmatched, in my opinion. Everyone in the practice is extremely well trained in customer service, and all are very caring. I can now eat anything without discomfort and have a mouth full of beautiful teeth.”
“Dr. Parker’s strive for perfection in his work means a lot to me. He is very respectful of his patients and staff, which reflects well on the success of the practice, I have recommended Drs. Parker and Pennington many times, with full confidence, and will continue to do so.”


“Dr. Parker has changed my smile forever! I always feel very attended to, and you can tell they truly care! Dr. Parker is a perfectionist, and he can achieve perfection. The staff is always friendly and accommodating. You can tell they truly love their jobs and where they work.

“I used to be self-conscious about my smile, and now I am so proud of my smile. Nothing can hold me back! It makes me so proud to know that Dr. Parker and Dr. Pennington are so involved in giving back to the community.”
“The entire staff is always upbeat and happy, and also cater to your needs. The experience made me have faith in dentistry again.”


“The staff’s professionalism and attention to the patient is amazing. I’ve had dentures for 50 years due to a genetic predisposition to poor teeth, and I was always ashamed of my smile.

“I had implants previously, and it was a total failure. I pulled some of the implants out myself. The work that Dr. Parker and his staff did was FLAWLESS! I now have a smile that would rival Eric Estrada from CHiPs.”