Spring Cleaning – Is It Time For A Visit?

At Parker & Pennington Dentistry, we often stress the importance of maintaining regular oral hygiene examinations to ensure you have optimal oral health. Now that spring has arrived, there is no better time to schedule your next visit. If it has been longer than four to six months since your last visit, now is the perfect time to contact our office. Spring is a popular time to deep clean and organize your home, and we think it is a great time to get your teeth cleaned by a professional.

Importance of Routine Dental Care

We recommend that every patient visit our office for a routine hygiene examination and cleaning every four to six months. The length of time between appointments will depend on any extenuating circumstances with your oral health, such as if you have been diagnosed with gum disease. During these appointments, we thoroughly clean the teeth and remove any lingering bacteria from between the teeth and any plaque that is along the gumline. Even if you take excellent care of your oral health and are diligent with cleaning your teeth and maintain a strict routine, regular appointments are still recommended.

Not only do we clean the teeth, but we also inspect for problem areas in the mouth, such as decay, gum disease, and oral cancer. We also make it a point to check the status of any dental hardware, such as dentures. Another important aspect of a routine examination is to be sure there are no areas in the mouth that need to be monitored at the next appointment. We keep a close eye on any areas of the mouth that may be problematic in the future. We want to schedule any necessary treatments as soon as possible.

If you are located in Jacksonville Beach, FL or the surrounding area and are in need of a routine hygiene examination, be sure to contact our office to schedule an appointment. We are always welcoming new patients and would love to see you and your loved ones soon!