A Touching Story From A Patient Like You

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At Parker & Pennington Dentistry, our goal is to help restore a quality life for our patients. Due to our reputation, we often see patients who have been struggling with their oral health for years and feel hopeless. Nothing pleases us more than being able to restore a patient’s teeth, smile, and bite. We recently had the pleasure of sitting down with one of our patients, Helen. We hope you will take a listen to her touching story and how we were able to help someone who has had dentures since she was 12 years old, and now she has a perfect smile. Click here to see Helen and hear her story.

We Don’t Stop At Anything Less Than Perfection

Helen has had 14 sets of dentures in her lifetime and has been wearing dentures since the age of 12 after a serious illness caused severe tooth decay. As Helen mentions in the video, other dental practices that she has used in the past would order dentures, and she wore what came in from the lab. Dr. Pennington sent her dentures back to the lab four different times, until the fit and appearance was perfect. Helen loves that her dentures from Dr. Pennington let her eat food without choking. The dentures fit snugly and look beautiful and natural.

We Truly Care

Helen describes our practice and team as being thoughtful. We do our best to treat every patient like a member of our family, and we strive to provide the dental care we would want for our families. We want everyone to feel comfortable, and we check in with each patient following their treatment or procedure.

If you are located in the Jacksonville Beach, FL area and are dealing with dental issues similar to Helen’s or think that quality of life is being impacted by your oral health, we encourage you to call our office today to schedule an appointment. We want to welcome you to our dental family and create a plan to restore your oral health and improve your life.