Are You a Candidate for Dental Implants?

Have you experienced tooth loss and are deciding which tooth replacement option will best benefit your lifestyle? We know that it can be overwhelming to determine a selection that will fit all your requirements, but we might have the solution. Although we offer a number of tooth replacement options to our patients, dental implants are a popular choice among many of our patients. You may be a great candidate for this long-lasting, permanent tooth replacement solution.

What are Dental Implants?

A dental implant provides a permanent base for replacement teeth. The process for implants includes three components. The first is a titanium post that is surgically placed into the jawbone mimicking the tooth root. The next is an abutment that connects the post with the artificial tooth replacement. We have a variety of choices to use as the final component based on the number of teeth being replaced and the overall budget. For one tooth we may use a dental crown, and to replace multiple or all the teeth we may use implant-supported removable dentures, an implant-supported-fixed denture, or a series of implant-supported bridges.

Am I a Candidate for Treatment?

Due to the advancements in dental technology, more patients than ever before are eligible for dental implants. Before we recommend treatment we will complete a thorough examination of your oral health. For many years, patients who experienced jawbone loss were excluded from treatment; however, due to updated procedures, patients suffering from this may be recommended for a bone graft. Patients also need to have fully formed jawbones, so only adults and older teens will be eligible. The following types of patients may need to postpone treatment or choose another option: Smokers Pregnant women need to wait until after giving birth Patients with medical conditions such as diabetes Patients receiving cancer treatments Those lacking good oral hygiene If you have been considering dental implants and would like more information, please contact our location in Jacksonville Beach, FL. We would love to schedule a consultation with you and help you on your way to a beautiful new smile to enjoy this fall and beyond.