Can Medications Affect Your Oral Health?

We love seeing our patients each time they come to our office. In addition to hearing about what has been happening in their personal lives, we are also interested in any medical changes since their last visit. Each time you come to our office, it is necessary to share everything you can about your medical history, including any recent diagnosis, procedure, or medication. You may be surprised to learn that this information can change how we treat oral health. Many medications, prescription as well as over-the-counter, benefit your overall health but can also cause problems with your oral health.

The Importance Of Caring For Teeth When You’re Sick

We don’t know about you, but we are looking forward to the arrival of spring. One of the biggest issues with the winter is the resurgence of annoying seasonal illnesses. If you or a loved one should happen to fall ill, there are certain precautions you need to take with your teeth and gums to ensure your oral health doesn’t suffer.

Gum Disease Awareness Month

February is a month where the signature color seems to be red in honor of Valentine’s Day. The decor and decorations in stores and restaurants are full of red and hearts. One place where it is concerning if you see red is your gums. Red and swollen gums can be an indication that you have gum disease. February is recognized as Gum Disease Awareness Month in an effort to educate the public about the prevalence of the disease and the lasting effects that it can have if left untreated. Gum disease affects more than half of American adults, so there is a chance that you or a loved one may suffer from this condition at some point in your life.

Why Are Your Gums Bleeding?

Have you noticed that you see pink or red when you rinse your mouth after brushing your teeth? If so, you are experiencing bleeding gums. If you notice this from time to time, we would suggest mentioning it during your next oral hygiene examination. However, if bleeding gums are a regular problem, it can indicate a problem with your oral health. Bleeding gums can be caused by:

Tips To Help Relax Before Your Next Appointment

At Parker & Pennington Dentistry, we do all we can to help our patients feel relaxed and comfortable while in our office. We know that dental anxiety and fear are very real emotions for some of our patients. We never want your feelings to get in the way of receiving the dental care you need. Delaying routine cleanings and recommended treatments can lead to serious complications with your oral health. It will lead to the need for more extensive or additional treatments, which means more time in our office. We want to share some tips to help you relax before and during your appointment: