Improve Your Smile With Cosmetic Dentistry This Summer

Do you have an upcoming special event this summer and you are looking to improve your smile? At Parker & Pennington Dentistry, we have a number of cosmetic dentistry treatments that can bring about any change you would like to see in your smile. The summer is a popular time for special events such as weddings, reunions, graduation parties, and vacations. While some treatments may not be completed in time for this summer, they would be perfect for an event this fall or winter.

Learn More About Full-Mouth Reconstruction

At Parker & Pennington Dentistry, we are passionate about providing expert dental care that is tailored to fit your specific needs to improve and restore your oral health. We often see patients who are living with less-than-ideal oral health. They may be experiencing recurring dental decay, gum disease, and missing teeth. It can be upsetting and frustrating to deal with repeated dental issues.

Improve Your Smile To Enjoy In The New Year

We don’t know about you, but we can’t believe that we will be celebrating the start of 2024 in just a few weeks. It feels like we just started 2023, and it will quickly come to an end. If you had big plans to improve your smile this year, and you haven’t gotten around to starting the process, it is not too late! Now is the perfect time to visit our office to share your feelings about your teeth and learn how we can make your dream a reality.

Improve Your Smile Today

Would you love to make changes or improvements to your smile but have been hesitant to share your feelings with us? At Parker & Pennington Dentistry, we treat our patients like family and want to create a solution to any dental issue that is bothering you. You deserve a smile that makes you feel confident and that you love to show off to others. Oftentimes, patients don’t express their feelings and desires because they assume they will need an in-depth or expensive treatment. For our patients with healthy teeth, many times a simple treatment can lead to big changes with your smile. We offer a number of cosmetic dentistry treatments that combine art and science and will work with you to create a plan for your smile.

Improve Your Smile For the Holiday Season

It’s hard to believe that Thanksgiving is over and we are now into December and the holiday season is around the corner. Would you love to make an improvement to your smile to enjoy this holiday season? If you try to smile with a closed mouth, avoid talking in close proximity to others over concerns about the appearance of your teeth, or you like your teeth, but just want an enhancement, we can help. No matter the reason you want to see a change with your teeth, we offer a number of treatments that can make not only aesthetic improvements, but also improve the function of your teeth and bite as well.

Are You a Candidate for Dental Implants?

Have you experienced tooth loss and are deciding which tooth replacement option will best benefit your lifestyle? We know that it can be overwhelming to determine a selection that will fit all your requirements, but we might have the solution. Although we offer a number of tooth replacement options to our patients, dental implants are a popular choice among many of our patients. You may be a great candidate for this long-lasting, permanent tooth replacement solution.