Improve Your Smile With Cosmetic Dentistry This Summer

Do you have an upcoming special event this summer and you are looking to improve your smile? At Parker & Pennington Dentistry, we have a number of cosmetic dentistry treatments that can bring about any change you would like to see in your smile. The summer is a popular time for special events such as weddings, reunions, graduation parties, and vacations. While some treatments may not be completed in time for this summer, they would be perfect for an event this fall or winter.

Dentures With A Different Approach

At Parker & Pennington Dentistry, we are proud to offer our patients a different approach to the dentures that you are familiar with. Purchasing traditional dentures can be a gamble. You may have experienced this with another dentist. When the dentures are placed in the office, they feel comfortable and fit properly. However, a few days later, the dentures are not a great fit, and you are stuck with your purchase. We know that dentures are an investment, and we never want our patients to feel like they are “stuck” with a treatment that we provide.

Are You a Candidate for Dental Implants?

Have you experienced tooth loss and are deciding which tooth replacement option will best benefit your lifestyle? We know that it can be overwhelming to determine a selection that will fit all your requirements, but we might have the solution. Although we offer a number of tooth replacement options to our patients, dental implants are a popular choice among many of our patients. You may be a great candidate for this long-lasting, permanent tooth replacement solution.

Options For Missing Teeth

Do you have missing teeth? We know that it can be heartbreaking when a permanent tooth needs to be extracted or has fallen out. There are many reasons that a person might be missing teeth. It can be from tooth decay, an accident or other trauma, medication, a medical issue, or family history. No matter if you are missing one tooth or multiple teeth, we have a variety of options that can restore your self-confidence and help you love your smile once again.

Long-Lasting, Natural Results

Would you purchase a car without test driving it? Wouldn’t it be nice if the same thing was true of certain major dental improvements? We are here to tell you that, with our practice, it is absolutely possible! We don’t believe in our patients spending money on certain treatments before testing to be sure it is a perfect and natural fit. Continue reading to learn which treatment plan allows you to test drive your smile.